A crowd-sourced photobook focused on the city of Calgary.

If you could show someone only one picture that displayed the most important part of Calgary, what would you show? Now take that idea with 32 different Calgary-based photographers and what kind of book would you get? That book is the yycPhotobook.

This book showcases photographers of all interests, skill levels, ages, races, sexes and so on. It represents how vibrant and awesome Calgary really is.

- Duncan Kinney

The yycPhotobook on Flickr

Purchase The Book

The yycPhotobook is now available for purchase. A thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the project and everyone who helped out. If you would like to purchase the book use the link below.

Launch Party

Thank you to all who attended the launch party on Sept 18th, 2009. A big thank you goes out to Ventruion Publishing for hosting the great event. Feel free to have a look at some of the photos from the party on the yycPhotobook Facebook.

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Project Meta

The yycPhotobook is printed by our wonderful friends from blurb.com. The web site and design of the book was completed by Connor Turner of Armadillo Studios Inc.